From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More of My Sweet Grand-daughter at the Beach

She played, she talked to herself, she sang, and she danced.  Her little heart is so pure and precious.  I got her a baby doll in her Easter basket, and she told me on the phone that her older brother and sister were throwing it between them and not letting her have it.  Now that is not the way they usually play, and I had to scold both of them.  I could tell I was not impressing them much with my "stern voice."

However, when I mentioned emailing Papa Randy... there was a pause, then a sincere, "we promise Nana, we will never do it again!"  Randy is like my dad, they can both give you a quite and calm talking to, and make you wish they had beat you instead.  Randy is the kind of person you want to think well of you.  Most military people are.

Here is a little video of her play: