From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, August 26, 2013

Women Drivers and Teenagers

I saw this cute picture on Google Plus, it reminded me of one of the "funnies" from my days as a foster parent.  I drove a 15 passenger van in order to accommodate all my teenagers.   

I raised 35 foster children, I received those who were hard to place, usually in their teens, especially when they were trying to keep large groups of siblings together.  I remember a conversation I heard from the back of the 15 passenger van I drove when I had 10 kids at one time, as we were on the way to school.  The "new" kid was being told the routine, Sam told him , "we go to church, EVERY Sunday," and every Saturday we go shopping and to some activity like a movie.  On Friday night we go to whatever football or basketball game is going on at school.  Richard the new kid said, "That sounds good except for that church part, I don't go to church, I don't even pray."  About that time I made a left hand turn and I heard a little squeal from the back seat and "It's on my side, it's on my side!"   There was a pause, then Sam said from the back, "when you have ridden with our mother a couple of times... you will pray...

 In the photo my son Stephen Rogers, and Jessica Ordway.