From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, September 23, 2013

All This and a Free Squirrel

Life with Colonel LeCompte, (now retired,) is always an adventure.  He finally made it home, and after just a day we left on the vacation he had meticulously planned from Iraq.  The good Colonel knows me well.  I love the mountains, water, and good music, so Branson, Missouri was his choice for our get away.  

The drive in was scenic, as we passed from the heat and humidity of Texas and Oklahoma into Arkansas, and finally arrived in Missouri.  

The Ozark Mountain Range is where 
our beautiful resort accommodations, the Westgate at Emerald Pointe, is situated, and the photo below shows the private screened in patio of our condo.  We had only experienced one full day on vacation, and already the chills and thrills were piling up!  


The scenery, to use a trite expression, which is completely appropriate, is breath taking from our condo which faces a beautiful man made lake that has the clearest water I have ever seen.  

Sunsets over the lake from our condo, (with the jacuzzi tub,) were extraordinarily beautiful, and the stress of recently worrying over Randy being in the American Embassy in Iraq with all of the threats involving Syria, began melting away.  The Lord is good and always  faithful, and He hears and answers my petitions.

Wait... did I say something about a free squirrel???  I believe I did!

News and photos on that to follow tomorrow.  Got to go, time to bottle feed  Traveler.