From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another of My Favorite Rooms

When I first told Randy I wanted to paint a bedroom purple he raised an eyebrow, and said, "Debra, this is a ranch..."  I told him, "trust me," and he did.  He likes the room too, but it is mainly a room for the grand-daughters, they fight over who will get to stay in what has become called, "the carrousel room."

I keep the little carrousel on top of the  armoire, so it cannot be explored by little hands that might not understand how fragile it is.

I bought the little carrousel on sale a Lowes about 20 years back at Christmas time, and the little figurines are from the Dollar Store.  I have had them as long as I have had the carrousel.  All of the little children portrayed by the figurines are looking up, and when I saw them, I knew they were perfect accent pieces, as they are perfectly proportioned.

The bed is an antique reproduction I bought when we moved to the ranch. I made the form which holds the dressing above the bed.  The floral print is another of my favorite possessions.

There is a couch in this bedroom as well.  and it is very comfortable, and when you have enough company, three of the grand-children can sleep in this room.

I love this antique chest I bought for $25.  That old gilded mirror is so heavy I like to have never gotten it hung.  The closet is built out into the room, so it makes a nice little niche for this little table and lamp.

The print  hanging above it was a gift from my oldest daughter Amie.  It is a favorite of mine.  As you can tell the purple is a very soft color, and I think it works well in the room.

This photo of the couch with the puzzle put together and framed above it is in exactly the colors to compliment the room and the rest of its furnishings, but looks a little too blue in this photo.  The puzzle is a mural of carrousel horses in different shade of blue and purple.

The rug beside the bed was a gift from Randy from Afghanistan which for that reason, I truly love. 

Above the closet there is space where I can display items, and that is what makes all the grand-daughters love this room so.  I have placed a small collection of vintage dolls and bears there, along with another piece that goes with the theme of this room.  It is a horse from an old miniature carrousel.

This room too is one I love to clean and make ready for Randy's home coming and the company we will be having.  Children and women love staying in this room, especially those with a child's heart.