From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Kingdom for A Plan

I have posted this on my other blogs, but this is so important I have to avail myself of every opportunity to share this information, and help to create a debate of these issues that might be taken to the ears of those who govern us.

The world is talking about what is to be done in response to the neuro toxins used in Syria. I hope that in making a plan to deal with this situation, which must not be allowed to go unchecked, a long term plan, which considers all scenarios, is carefully and thoroughly thought out. Already diagrams are out on the evening news detailing exactly what the attacks will hit, exactly what resources they plan to take out, and other details of attacks that will be made.  (Personally, I don't understand this tactic of informing the enemy, of what will be targeted, and with what.  There might be some part of the plan they haven't figured out.)  There are so many considerations to make.  There are so many players in this game.  

Iraq borders on one side, and sectarian conflict is currently tearing the country apart, and unrest is nearing a boiling point as Shiite-Sunni factions are bringing the country to the brink of civil war.  Already Iraq has been impacted by the situation in Syria, with refugees from Syria pouring over their borders.  Another note here, refugees from Iran also pour over the borders.  Not only do they pour over the borders, but elite troops from Iran follow them, and attack the refugee camps set up for them in Iraq, murdering the escaped citizens as an object lesson for all would be defectors.

Since we are talking about Iran, who has a powerful supporter let's examine how they may view an attack.  Surely if a military strike takes place in Syria, Iran will react, and it won't be for their stated objective at the time.  It will be to protect their territorial advantage, because Syria can at this point easily be over run by Iranian forces, in order to keep access to the coast through Qusayr and Homs.  Of course their nemesis, and hated enemy, Israel is a straight shot through Syria as well.  Lebanon is also of interest to Iran, and there are Shiite-Sunni tensions in that country as well.  Those tensions will easily be manipulated by Iran, in order to achieve their aims.

While Iran has Russia as their buddy, Russian officials are indicating they aren't going to go to war over Syria for anybody... but what will happen if Syria is over-run by Iran, and they gain control of the country?  How could that change the game?  Now some serious nukes could become involved.

Let's talk about Hezbollah, and Iran could just "hire" them to do all their dirty work.  That is when the finger pointing and suppositions and denials will really start.  When Hezbollah factions attack Israel, Iran can claim they have nothing to do with it.

It is clear that Hezbollah has some serious weaponry now, I won't go into where they got it.  No matter what their gig is in Syria now, their main goal is to protect Iran's nukes.  If an organization wants to use nukes against any  Western or European targets, the most likely of all donators would be Iran.

Of course another way to destabilize the region and allow Iran their access is to increase those sectarian problems, which are already a serious threat in Iraq, the possibility of a civil war already appears to be cooking on the front burner.

Now that brings me to consider just what the use of WMD in Syria means to my country, and ponder where all of this will lead.  WMD, now where have I heard that term before?