From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, October 7, 2013


The Almighty in the incomprehensible vastness of his creativity filled this world with so many wonders.  There are vistas of awesome beauty, plants and flowers whose appearance rivals and wins over that of all the adornments and clothing worn by King Solomon, and bodies of water, both vast and small teaming with their own life. The photos below reflect just a small sampling of the beauty of the place where I live.

Very recently, while Randy was home on leave, we were in a travel agency office doing some business.  A young woman there had a tiny baby squirrel in a pet carrier that she had rescued, and she was trying to find someone to take the squirrel to rehab and then release.  I love baby things... all baby things, and after a short consult with Randy, who cannot resist granting me my every wish, we became the care takers of a tiny, fragile, little life.  We named him Traveler, and he has now already been to five states.  He is quite adorable, and growing every day.  His charm is amazing, and his companionship enchanting.  So, even though you have already seen him in pictures sitting on my head, here are his "first baby pictures."  I think you are going to love this squirrel as much as we do...


You are just going to love him!