From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

After the Deputy Sheriffs Left We Had a Long Talk

My husband has been deployed first with the Army and now with the State Department for going on five years now.  I am often by myself at the ranch, but I am never afraid, because being the good Texan woman I am, I sleep with a Glock, and there is a shotgun and an AK47 under the bed.  All are always loaded.

Two Deputy Sheriffs just left, because I woke to someone walking stealthily down our wooden porch.  I listened a minute or two, because I thought if anyone were on the property, Patti, the Wonder Australian Shepperd Dog, would bark.  After I listened I still was certain someone was on the porch, so I chose the Glock, and moved to the bathroom and peeked around at the window.  Sure enough the plain silhouette of a man's torso was visible through the window.  He also saw me and the Glock.  (I hold one the way someone who is a trained marksman who has won awards shooting does, and it is highly suggestive that I know how to use one.)  The man moved swiftly down the porch out of my vision, and I dialed 911.

 It was a good fifteen minutes before the two deputies arrived, but they did a painstaking search of the property, starting with the porch.  I stayed inside wondering if I would find Patti dead or seriously wounded, because I still had not heard a sound out of her.  When I was sure they were through looking for the man, I stepped out on the porch.  Patti was silently standing at the corner of the porch watching all, and when she saw me she just went nuts.  She was acting so vicious that one of the deputies told me if she she tried to attack, he would have to shoot her.  I pulled her foaming at the mouth little carcass into the den with her resisting all the way and acting as if she were going to chew his leg off at any moment.  I stayed outside with the two deputies to learn they had found no trace of the intruder.  They took notes and then left, and I went back into the house for a little discussion with Patti Dog.

Patti was still hyped up, and so even more so than usual she had a hard time paying attention, and it is doubtful she understood my lecture on who to bark at, when, and that courage is important when facing adversity.  Sigh, that dog is vexing me.  I am going back to sleep now.