From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, October 18, 2013


I never ask anyone but God for money, or urge that money be given to causes, but this morning I am certain God wants me to share this message.  I am led by the Lord to support only a very short list of  "causes."  We place the dollars God has made us stewards of only where we know they directly make provision for His Kingdom. I am making provision this morning from the monies God has made for the use of Randy and I.  We regularly support this work, but this morning there is great need in Iraq. You will not hear in main stream media of the violence and death in Iraq today, but thousands have died, and are dying.  Many will urge you not to care, tell you "they've been killing one another for thousands of years," but many of the people of the church at St. George's are the remnant of the church established at Nineveh, so long ago when Jonah protested before God that they were not worthy. They are running out of food,  from the banks which the church provides food for the people of Iraq, Father God, call to the hearts of Your people. 

When Brother Andrew goes out to minister to his congregation he must take body guards, in fact body guards must accompany him everywhere, but still he goes, for the Lord goes before him.  Even when he visits the children of his congregation, guards must be in attendance.  

Follow this link to make contribution to this ministry to the most needy of Iraq. 

Thank you Father for provision for these you love.