From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Amie's Birthday

My daughter turned 40 on Saturday, and we had a birthday party for her.  I know the tradition for a 40th birthday is to do it in a black theme, but I love glitter and color, lots of bling, so I compromised with this theme.  She loved it!

Three of my children, and my parents, live in Sweetwater so I made the long trip, (about nine hours as often as I need to get out and stretch,) and we had the birthday party at my mother and dad's home.  They are such sweet people, and were excited as my daughter Meredith and I decorated the tables for this event.


 Since my gift to her was all the supplies to begin making jewelry, part of the table decorations included a jewelry display form with the strands of jewelry making beads hung on the display.  I used grocery store cakes, and featured her favorite desert, Oreo cream pie.  We had both white and black helium balloons tied to silver weights at each end of the table, large candles in silver glittered boxes were a part of the center piece, and a triple chocolate cake and a red velvet cake completed the setting.  Disposable clear plastic plates and glasses, along with the better clear plastic flatware ensured a dish duty free party.  White linen napkins wrapped with black glitter tulle, tied in bows, gave a more formal look to the  plastic ware.  Silver cake trays were placed on the   table as part of  table-scape.

 We are a large family, and even though not all those living out of town could attend, additional tables were required for seating.  I broke from the black white and silver in one detail, and I added a red satin tablecloth to the mix, using the same design elements as the other table.  

 On all the tables, gift bags with the same pattern as the main table cloth, were filled with different chocolates wrapped in silver papers, and tied with silver glitter bows.  Each woman also had a set of beads selected for her, so that she could make jewelry as well.  A small white bottle with bubbles for blowing during the festivities kept the children amused as the evening progressed.

The smallest table included silver tulle, and features black plates.

The guests began to arrive, and the food, served from the kitchen bar filled the plates.   Brisket, ribs, chicken wings, beans, corn, green beans with new potatoes, fruit salad, and mashed potatoes were served with hot rolls and assorted soft drinks and tea.  Along with the cakes and pie, cream puffs filled with whipped cream, and chocolate eclairs rounded out our deserts. 

My daughter, Amie, was the guest of honor, and also her husband John arrived.  John could not be persuaded to try on the black boa provided for the birthday girl, but before the evening was over, there would be a male who took the dare!