From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Birds Have Migrated Down to South Texas

It is my favorite time of the year, when the leaves turn, the air cools off, and the humidity drops here at the ranch.  I have been so ill the last four or five days with kidney stones, and a rather severe kidney infection.  I was able today to get up and around a bit, and step out on the porch in the sun.  It felt so good on my face. 

The beautiful wild birds have migrated down from up North.  You know that awkward moment when you run across someone who recognizes you, and indicates you should recognize them as well, and you don't have a clue?  That is the way it is at Soldier's Heart.  

The deal with that is, every year I put out at least twelve feeders which I keep filled all the time.  The cold weather has arrived much earlier than it usually does, so the feeders are not out yet.  This little finch wants to know where they are.  As soon as he saw me photographing the robins, he flew and landed within feet of me, and flitted around in the tree next to me.

He was indicating that he wanted some grub, right now please...  The robins are just as bad...

 This little fella thinks he could use some of that easy food he doesn't have to hunt for through the winter grasses.


 I love the colors of fall!