From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Plan For Significance For This Day

I wake up each morning around 5am, and I am greeted by the God of my heart.  Sometimes the night has been long and seemed difficult.  Sleep, for several reasons often alludes me.  I have chronic pain, due to a lifelong illness, which has been my constant companion since childhood, and as the years pass, this disease process takes more and more.  Praise the Lord for His grace and mercy, and all the pain and suffering has taught me, and may the Holy Spirit this morning bear the petitions of my heart before the altar of my Heavenly Father, whose name I claim because of the blood sacrifice of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, which covers all my wrong doing .  The physical pain of my own lifetime has made in my heart a place of understanding and compassion for others who must go the same way as I.  In prayer this morning I think of that dear Saint of God, and my dear friend, Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad, and the daily struggle he endures to triumphantly meet each day, and take the high ground for the Lord.  Warriors come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, and many use a cane.  I lift him up this morning in prayer, asking the Father to meet the needs of his day today.  To give him strength physically and mentally to engage the enemy, minister to the flock, champion the needs of God's church in Baghdad, and to struggle for the ground of peace, and at least momentary reprise from the death, violence, and pain which mankind has brought to the Middle East.  Even so, let your will be Father, and Your plan brought to fruition as You claim the eternal victory and bring the everlasting peace.

I ask you God of my life, keeper of my soul, light which has brought me through so many times of darkness, when I did not know my way, did not understand the events around me, or see the road ahead, to take the day before me, guide and direct me, show me Your way and plan for the use of this day.  May, Father, I see and know Your will and purpose.

Be with Father God, my sweet husband, empower him for the noble and difficult task to which You have called him.  He is Your servant, from his childhood, his heart has been Yours.  As always, I think of David, Your Soldier, and one you called to lead, how he too in childhood, chose to love and serve You, and of the devotion of his lifetime to You Father.  I think of how You loved him, made provision for him, kept his life for Your purpose and use, and I ask that same love, grace, mercy, and wisdom for my own "David."  Thank You Father God for all the events, people, struggles, difficulties, trails by fire, and blessings which You have used to shape his life, and fulfill Your destiny for his life.  Keep him in the shelter, protection, wisdom, and safety of Your love this day.

I think of the names and faces of each of our children, and I thank you Father for the fulfillment of Your promise in each of their lives, I think of our Brian, how you are raising him up, your servant.  Continue Your work in his life, hold him safe, bring him home to us at Christmas.  Bless Becky this day, and her Andrew, draw them both each day to Your love and direction for their lives.

Be with William Father God, his way is dark and difficult, may it be made by Your love, that ultimate path to light, may it bring him to his knees and the realization that only Your ways, Your love, Your wisdom triumphs in the end.

Father God, be with my Jared, it staggers me God to be in the knowledge of how great Your hand of protection has been on his life.  Father, keep the hounds of heaven on his trail, make him the man You have always desired and faithfully draw him to be.  Continue to call him to his destiny.  May your hand be upon his sweet Misty, who brings strength and honor to his life. May Your Still Small Voice be ever in their hearts.  Be with their precious children, Father how I love them, how unique and special each of them are, how tender their hearts before You God.  Our Tristen, tiny Warrior, Conqueror, possessed of  such courage, be with him Lord, lead, guide, and direct his life, make him ever conscious of Your presence and help in every moment of his life.  Thank you God for my beautiful Avery, and Kenna Bear, how I love them, how precious are the moments I spend with each of them.  Be with Christopher, what a beautiful soul he is before You, what greatness lies within him.  Bring it to fruition Father, and my sweet and beautiful Jo Jo, thank you God for all you did for my heart through her this last time I was able to enjoy holding her.  I will treasure always her little gift, it meant so much to me.  Give Jared wisdom to know the way for this family, judgment to lead them in the way that is Your way, provide for them first concerning their eternal lives, and to do his part to stamp Your likeness upon their young lives.  Give him power over the words of his mouth, let them be chosen by You Father God.

Today you bring to our household a woman whose heart is broken, who is in need of Your love, care, and direction.  You bring also her child, also in need of Your love and care.  We are humbled before You God that You have brought her to us to meet her needs through use of our resources which were always Yours Heavenly Father.  Be with me this day, guide my actions, use my energies and others resources You have gifted me with.  Minister to her, make her know the welcome she has, the home she has here, the shelter from the storm.  May Your love for her shine through my actions and efforts in Your name.  

Father, time calls me to the work of the day, You know the needs of each of my children, my sweet grand-children, my dear parents, sisters, and their children and spouses.  Father, You know their lives, their standing within Your grace, call them to it.  Father, be with Vickie, call her heart to Your comfort and care.  Be with those Viking Warriors, may Your purpose and will continue to work in their lives.  May those young men, especially Tim Donley, remain servants and Warriors, whose every need is upon Your heart each day, and so I know it is.  Bathe them in the consciousness of Your love, care, and direction, give them access this day to the incomprehensible power that is Yours to give for their lives today.

Father, in the knowledge of Your love for me, where You have brought me thus far, and in the acknowledgment that without You, this day will be one of defeat, and with You, one of victory, I dedicate my steps, my heart, my energies, my love to You to use as You will.  Empower me for Your eternal purposes, Your plan for my life, and Your soon coming Kingdom.  Amen.