From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, November 4, 2013


Some of us women are truly worth all the aggravation, perplexed thoughts, and general woe that goes along with loving us.  I saw this quote by Bob Marley, who seemed to agree with the specialness of some women.

For those of you who do not know him, Bob Marley was the first Reggae musician to achieve international recognition.  Bob's mother was black, and his father white, and at 18 his father was the "overseer" of a South African plantation.    Bob strongly believed in the idea of "repartriation to "Zion" by those of African descent, who had been dispersed around the  world by the practice of slavery.  The main theme of his music was the struggles of African people against the denial of human rights from the West, or as he called it, "Babylon."  

He was born in 1945, and he died in 1981.  During his lifetime great changes took place concerning equal rights in our country and around the world.  He lived the last of his adulthood in England, where he died of cancer, which began in one of his big toes.  He refused to have the toe amputated for religious reasons.  He was a very spiritual man, whose choice in religion was the Rastafari Movement, a belief system which held that god is a black man from Ethiopia.  All of his most famous work was re-released posthumously on an album called Songs of Freedom, he was truly a great singer and songwriter.  

Bob Marley had eleven children that he acknowledged, three he adopted from his wife Rita's previous marriages, and the others were  from "different amazing women."  Evidently he found several women "worth it."  That sort of takes away from the specialness, but I still like the quote.  It also makes me curious about Rita... she must have indeed been amazing to put up with the fathering of children with other women.  Perhaps it is a part of their "religion."

I guess it isn't the famous song writing "spiritual" men who truly appreciate the "amazingness" of a woman.  My dad found only one woman in life amazing.  He still finds her amazing, her particular amazing is quite enough for him, and he has been appreciating only her "amazingness" for  sixty five years.

Now there is an amazing woman, at the pool, on a summer afternoon with their great grand-children, 84 an 85 these two lovers are now.  Note the affection still there, as those chairs cannot get much closer, and the hand on her knee, where I have seen it too many times to place a number on those occasions.  I made this picture, and I love it, and both of them too.  One of the reasons is they both taught me what an amazing woman is, and how she should be prized.  See that twinkle in her eye, even now she isn't always easy... but she is worth it!