From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Failure is a Sorry State of Being

Maliki has announced he is there to stay, and dismissed two Ministers in the Iraqi government in order to install two of his sons in those positions.  We (the United States.) have allowed corruption in Iraq, and that corruption is going to cost everything gained, and every hope for liberty in Iraq.  Not that it certainly was not there in the first place, but once we undertook the mission of reducing the threat, which I am certain was there, we made obligations for ourselves. Not to mention that as I type, and immense threat toward America is growing daily in Iraq.  When the entity with true power allows, either by failure to diligently monitor, assess, and investigate thoroughly the processes and money allowed, and in many cases funded to be in place, or just turns a blind eye to suspicions in order not to offend, it always results in catastrophic failure and the waste of resources, to include human lives.  When we left in 2011, we were the entity with the most power.

Despite what our military said about the capabilities of the Iraqi Army before they left, is now being alleged that it was only an empty shell with no real strength or organization at all.  In fact it is alleged that Iraqi generals created "fake soldiers," with paperwork, and then collected the salaries paid these phony soldiers for their own pockets.  Meanwhile, Maliki continued to steal billions (proven in a UN report last year,) and of course he could not come down heavily on the lesser pockets of corruption without drawing attention to his own.  Corruption always breeds corruption.  

When those conditions exist in a military organization, there is little loyalty or national pride and devotion, it is just a job, and a job which when the dangers become very serious, is easily abandoned.  Corrupt military leaders who stole money for food, equipment, and of course salaries, were the most significant of the reasons why ISIS so easily walked over the Iraqi Army.

Tremendous U.S. resources were poured into the Iraqi Army.  Training was provided by U.S. personnel highly skilled in military, as well as those same type of trainers for the police force of Iraq.  There were soldiers and policemen present in those training sessions.  Not only that, but equipment and other resources were poured into their numbers.  Somehow, those resources are not evidenced in the present force of the Iraqi Army or their police force.  

I do not believe that the majority of the people of Iraq desire the force which is presently taking over, to govern them, but when common people of a country have so little, and so little opportunity to have anything, they are easy prey for the forces of evil.  Yet programs and American dollars have been poured into Iraq for the benefit of the common people of Iraq. I believe there exists a sacred duty toward every American dollar sent or spent, to administer those funds and to ensure through whatever means necessary, that complete accountability is had.

God help us all, and send us men and women not only who are willing to take up arms and defend liberty, but those of moral courage who are willing to be the guardians of processes, contracts, and those dollars spent implementing and running them.  These persons must be willing to do so with diligence, honor, and without bias of any kind.  Men and women who are unafraid, and selfless enough to disregard their own career ambitions are needed.  It seems that in government service in this country, your career is only well served by positive reports of all that you supervise. To frankly speak out to identify the true problems, corruptions, and self serving individuals who wreck havoc with the sacrifices and resources offered up by true patriots, is not rewarded.  There are reasons for that, so when God does send us such people, the current leadership must be such that they are allowed to perform their duty.

        "Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist."  Edmund Burke