From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Watched the Sun Rise This Morning

At first I watched from the back porch, there was a heavy mist, and it was awhile before I thought I could photograph the pasture.  I now wish I had captured the fog lying heavy over the land.  I will be up early and ready in the morning to do that.

But Chance didn't mind the fog, and raced down to the horse pen where he always follows Randy when he is home.  I can't mention Randy's name too much, or Chance starts whining and lays in such a pitiful way with his head down on his paws.  I know in those moments just how he feels.  Randy makes everything so much fun.  It is such a sorrowful look he gets on his face when he thinks of missing Randy.

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Those little paws just fly down to the horse stables every morning.  I think Chance expects Randy to be there, because before he begins barking and giving all the horses a difficult time, he trots around looking for something, ignoring the horses.  When Randy is home he gets beside himself with excitement when Randy gets up and goes to feed the horses and other animals each day.  He barks and carries on while Randy dresses, you would think the world would come to an end before he gets outside with Randy.

Randy will not be there this morning...

I finally decided it had cleared enough to make the first photo. 
I caught a couple of the horses grazing their way toward the stables

A view of Heart Island, where there was less fog.

Another view from the front porch off the large deck.

By the time I made this last shot, the sun had risen, 
and another soft and peaceful day had began at the ranch.