From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, July 25, 2014

They Never Did Let Me Talk

The summer before McKenna, (she is the one holding the baby goat,) went to Kindergarten, she was very nervous about going to school.  She just knew she was not going to be successful.  She had spent time playing and visiting at the ranch and when it was time to go home for the start of school, she burst out sobbing, begging to stay at the ranch.  I told her she would have to go to school if she stayed with me too, and told her how much she would enjoy it once school started.  I told how good she was going to do, and that in a week I would call her, and she would have all kinds of wonderful stories to tell me of how she loved school.  She snubbed and finally stopped crying, got in the truck with her dad and headed home.

In about a week after school had started, I gave her a call.  When I asked her how it was going she proclaimed, "I don't see the point, I've been going a whole week, and I can't write yet, I can't read yet, and they never let ME talk."

I suppressed laughing out loud, and told her just give it time, Nana had trouble when she was in school too with not getting to talk enough.  When the year finished she had made excellent grades, and I was talking to her about how she learned to read, and learned to write so well, and asking wasn't she proud of herself.   She replied, "Well they never did let me talk!"