From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Dangerous People

Only a small percentage of the people of the world are completely without a single resource to make a stand against those who would dominate in tyranny over the rest of us.  With the exception of the greatly afflicted, either physically or mentally, all have something to offer in the fight against the violent and corrupt, who constantly endanger everyone in their quest of absolute power. We also have the obligation to stand with the kind of resolve and courage which will subdue and contain these criminals who are the enemies of all of mankind, as well as impact the danger of their influence. 

Too many are lazy and unconcerned about anyone but themselves or their own families. By the grace of God, the geography of their births, the resources of the family they were born in, and or the opportunities of the country of their birth, they live in comfort and ease.  Seldom, if ever, do they even note the news of the persecution, fear, violence, and death that so many in our world live in today.

They throw their hands up and proclaim that there is nothing that any individual can, or even should do, about the plight of others. They loudly proclaim we should mind our own business, and that "those people have been fighting for thousands of years, just let them kill one another off! 

No person because of luck, or God's blessing, deserves liberty and the right to control their own destiny, and benefit along with their families from their labor.  Every person deserves to live in peace and relative safety.  When any individual or group threatens any person, we all are at risk.  Those who abuse power and aggress against others have amonng their numbers those who are never satisfied.  Those too, whose appetites for domination are never sated.   

We must wake up, join forces around the wold and resolve that at every instance of aggression, the WORLD will without hesitation meet that aggression with whatever force is needed to bring it to immediate end.  Further, those found responsible for the aggression, to include those who instigate, will be held accountable.  There are more of us than them when we join forces the world over, there is no reason for the ravages of violence to steal the peace and security of us all.  Sounds simple enough doesn't it... but there are problems...