From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Am Attending a Conference on Military Sexual Violence in April

On April 17th, I will attend a conference in Washington D.C. that is so important to many women who have served our country.  We failed to protect them from the enemy within.  The difficulty of overcoming this betrayal is unimaginable to those of us who have never known it.  The complexities of the unseen wounds haunt these women, taking a toil long after they returned from war.  Often they were not heard when they made an outcry.  Even worse, often they were heard, and then crimes committed against them were hidden, and they went unpunished.

I am so looking forward to this conference, I believe that when people gather together, look into each others faces, share a time of learning, and collect resource contacts so that we may join our "woman power," great power is generated. It is generated to reach out in help to those who have things to overcome. I am the wife of a Soldier, the mother of a Soldier, (a daughter,) the daughter of a Soldier, and my grand-father served in WWI. I also have two son-in-laws who have served, one who was seriously wounded in 2003, and can no longer serve. This cause is very dear to my heart, those of you who have sustained injury are dear to my heart. There is healing, there is strength and confidence, there is justice to be had, and change which the power of our collective efforts will bring.

In honor of the brave women who have endured the unthinkable, I offer words to honor the progress they have made, and the progress they will continue to attain.

I See the Sad Eyes 

I see the sad eyes of women who have been betrayed,
By those who from honor should never have strayed.

They could not have known what would come to them,
      Integrity was pledged and they believed without whim.

In a dark hour their faith and loyalty was shattered.
Their lives, without regard, left broken and tattered.

Time seems strangled and unable their injuries to mend.
To go on with life seems to have nowhere to begin.

Then in chorus the sad eyes look around in panic and pain,
In a moment they know other eyes reveal the same stain.

Hearts unite, and power and change come with more ease,
The weakest are lifted first by the women from their knees.

Words and tears are shared and bring balm to soul wounds.
Slowly in unity they overcome, and the living of lives resumes.

I saw the sad eyes of women who had been betrayed.
By those who from honor should never have strayed.