From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Sunday, February 24, 2013

My Fellow Americans, Sometimes You Make Me So Proud!

There are Americans working in our government whom you never hear of.  They are not politicians, but public servants.  Truly, they work for the people.  Monitoring contracts, overseeing the fulfillment of obligations of the contractors serving American interests around the world, and watching our tax dollars, some are serving in war zones tonight.

My husband is one of them, he served thirty years in the military, and then went on and is now serving in the State Department.  He is the kind of man who will waste nothing he owns, or anything belonging to anyone else.  That makes for a great public servant.  As the footprint of America is being greatly reduced in Iraq, many resources are being left behind, including personal items of those who have served with the Department of State.  It is simply too expensive to ship it home.  These public servants being who they are have organized donation stations, and everything usable is being donated to those of the Iraqi people who are in need.  The heart of our nation is revealed in these kinds of actions.  

One of the great blessings to both my husband's life and mine, which has come from his service in the Middle East, has been the opportunity to come to know Canon Andrew White He has served as my husband's chaplain while he has been in Iraq.  Through Brother Andrew we have come to know personally many of the wonderful people of Iraq.   They are good men and women, who love their country and their families, and who strive to bring a good life to both.  

Brother Andrew serves as the pastor of St. George's Church in Baghdad, where a wonderful and significant ministry is made to the people of Iraq.  When St. George's Church could not afford to hire a driver for a large transport truck to move the items my husband had arranged to be donated to the church for distribution, the word spread through the Embassy Chapel members.   Soon the one thousand dollars needed was raised to hire the truck and driver.  These items will now go where my husband and the others know they will meet tremendous need among some of the Iraqis with the greatest struggles.  Americans are for the most part some of the most generous and good people in the world.  God speed to those unsung heroes serving around the world!

 May these donated items find their way to the hearts of the Iraqi people, and may they understand the people, and their motivations, who gave them.