From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Open Letter to My Husband

Dear Sir,

I know that you are aware that my natural gifts and talents do not lie in area of the higher math skills, such as statistics and probabilities... Sir,... that stuff just flew right over my head in college.
Do you remember how cute those two little rabbits were that I brought home last  summer when the grand-children were here visiting?  You know they just had 5 little baby bunnies that are so cute about six weeks ago.  We've been enjoying them so much!


Here's the thing... it seems those two original little rabbits are enjoying the romance of the century. Frankly Sir, they are madly in love...

We now have 5 more NEWER baby bunnies, just as cute as that last bunch, of which I have not given any away yet... and I have been reminded of the limited level of academic success I had in that Statistics class I took in college...

So I am thinking while you are home on leave next, the first project should probably be a new and bigger rabbit hutch.  Also we should actively try to befriend all the small children with gullible parents that we can, and invite them to visit the ranch.  Preferably their parents should have my same level of skill and talent in higher mathematics.   

Sir, however I don't want you to worry that the rabbit feed bill is going to increase...  Brenda and I are making up Easter baskets, putting the rabbits in them, and thus making the rabbits more marketable.  We are going to sell them in the Walmart parking lot in Sealy.  We do not wish you to take Wade Cashion up on his offer, and let him have them to train his retrievers.  They are just as cute as that last batch as you can see.  Have a good day Sir, we will take really good care of your rabbits!  I will get all the tools out, and some lumber and wire just before you get home on leave, so you won't have to work so hard.