From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, December 13, 2013

A Warrior Mother Waits for Her Warrior Son to be Home for Christmas, a Conversation Worth Eavesdropping in On

My friend Judy and her husband served in the military many years before retiring.  I saw for awhile the flag symbol which hung in her window and was her profile picture on facebook, its' history goes back to WWII.  For every loved one you had serving there was a flag with the appropriate number of white stars, which would hang in the window.  

The flag was red when they were actively serving, and the flag had white stars.  If the flag was red with gold stars, you were a gold star mother or wife.  That is an honor no woman ever desired, for that meant your loved one had died in service.  Judy at one time used a red flag with three white stars.  She had a husband and two sons serving.

Her husband has since retired, and one son has completed his service in the Marines.  One son still serves in the Navy, and he hasn't been home in over a year.  The two brothers who are three years apart in age, haven't seen one another in three and a half years.  

Judy's Navy son will be coming in today.  She is excited...  Everyone should pause to thank those serving, and their families as well.  You can't imagine the sacrifice if you have never made it.  Here is a conversation Judy shared on facebook.  It warmed my heart, and the joy and love of Christmas swept over me.  Christmas is about the Christ who was willing to lay down His life for each of us.  That baby Jesus whose birth we celebrate was born to die... for each of us.