From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, December 6, 2013

I Got Up Very Early This Morning To Decorate the House for Christmas

It is rare that down in the part of Texas where I live you see snow, and as I brought things in from the truck that I had been too tired to the night before, the wonder I always feel at the sight of snow came over me as a few of the heavy on the moisture side flakes swirled in the wind around me.  

I love Christmas, and of the last five years Randy has been home only one time at Christmas, so this Christmas is going to be very special for me.  Christmas is not merely a holiday to us, but the celebration of the reason for our lives.  It celebrates God the Son, taking on a human body, living without sin before Creation, and laying down His life for each of us, to purchase for us forgiveness of our sins, and citizenship in His eternal heaven.  It is the personification of undeserved love toward you and I, and it occurred to me just exactly how I wished to approach the celebration of this holy day in our home.

Buzzy Sorensen, Danish Warrior, and commentator on life and living significantly, had posted one of those photographic images he finds or takes, and then tossed out into the world to stun some of us with their message without words.  I don't know who is responsible for this photo, or who owns it... and frankly I don't care, so sue me, because I find in it the love of God...  The message of Christmas is captured in the image, which is the message of true love residing in your heart, and directing your life to reach out to love your neighbor as yourself, because the love of God and his redemption resides within you.  To each of you , Merry Christmas, and may the joy, wonder, and true meaning of Christmas, fill your heart, change your life, and ensure your eternal destination.