From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Pictures of My Masterpiece!

Note the cute little hobby horse on springs, 
my grand-children are going to love that!

Sparkling stars, Hobo the Bear, and Beth the Bride sparkling in the tree.

                                                              Cute little corner filled with patriotic bears.

Look at this cute little black puppy with a pink tongue!

Another sweet bear... can there be too many?
The middle of the tree has a cute "Hunter" nut cracker, 
and a pretty hobby horse.

Santa with his security detail, the Big Nut Cracker!

Penny is such a beauty in her pretty Christmas dress!

                                                                                                                                                                                There's a Blue Bunny hiding in there!

This guy is Barney Bear, and he is all decked out for Christmas!

 What a happy bear Pappy is!

My little bear Bob is rather a stuffy little bear, but has a heart of gold!

This pink poodle is named Pickles, with her sweet friend Paula. 

Here is Patti the Pony, with a big shiny silver bow for Christmas!

Handsome security forces, on the job each night protecting
Santa and all the gorgeous toys on and around the tree.


 Polly is such a gorgeous girl!

Polly is so pretty, I am sure some little girl will pick her !