From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The U.S. Government Accountability Office, and How They Can Impact Your Life

The other day while Randy was home, we were out on the pond and Randy was rowing me around, Patti jumped in and paddled for her life chasing the canoe all around the pond.  No amount of urging would send her back to the bank, and of course trying to pull her in with us would just have resulted in turning over the canoe, and throwing us all in the frigid water.  The temperature was about 45 or so, and the water was freezing, yet Patti would not give up, no matter how she shivered and shook.  Sometimes there are things you should not give up on, no matter how hard they are.

If you are unfamiliar with the U.S. Government Accountability Office , you should make yourself familiar with them.  This organization is one set up to monitor how our tax dollars are used, whether or not honesty and fairness operates in every facet of our government, and based upon the premise that these goals are attainable, and in fact our government, and those serving in it can be held accountable.   Here is a link to their site, you also can follow them on facebook and other social media sites:

My daughter had encountered a government employee who was abusing her position with seemingly no fear of ever being called to accountability for doing so, in the Abilene, Texas Social Security Administration Office.  That always suggests to me that the person has long gotten away with abuse of their position, and the true problem actually exists within the leadership of the organization.  

I had been amazed by the audacity with which the individual disregarded the Social Security Administration's written guidance on a matter, indicating complete confidence by the individual that she would never have to answer for doing so, and confidence that my daughter was too uninformed and intimidated by her to do anything about it.  This employee of the Social Security Administration made wild statements, absurd demands, which changed daily, and threatened my daughter each time she spoke to her.  I kept advising my daughter to require the woman to communicate these requirements in writing, as I knew the employee would never dare to do, due to the illegality of their content.

The fact that no one in our family had any contact or knew this woman previous to our family member's contact with her was clear, so there could be no personal motivations in her behavior, and that just furthered my awe at the situation.  The demeaning way in which my daughter was treated was another facet of this "government encounter" that raised my hackles.  It was so much like the V.A. encounters so many Soldiers have described to me.  As patriots and true believers in all our country was founded upon, we must each fulfill our own obligations every time we encounter any behavior which might possibly indicate corruption in any of our government agencies.  The greatest deterrent to this type of activity, is swiftly acting discipline of those caught participating in such crime.

After I posted to the U.S. Government Accountability Office that I had a complaint, and was seeking recourse, and it was made known to the SSA office in Abilene, within 12 hours a check was cut, and all was ironed out.  So, for future reference, make note of this office, and never just assume because it is a Federal Government office that any entity can get away with anything they want to, and that you as an individual are helpless before them.  Our government exists to serve our people, and it can be held accountable down to the individual offender.  It is the responsibility of every American to never throw up our hands, look the other way, or fail to make a stand in the face of wrong doing.  The individuals who make their way into the system and corrupt our government processes can and should be held accountable.  

While the check is on the way to my daughter, I am not through with this situation.  Until I know why this situation happened, and exactly who is committing the wrong doing, I am not going to let it go.  There will be others who encounter the same behavior after my daughter, there were those who encountered the same behavior before my daughter, and a stand must be made to weed out the offending employees, and the supervisory personnel who have allowed this behavior.  We can't just turn and walk away because our loved one has now been treated fairly.  We owe an obligation to our country, and to those citizens we share it with.  So, the collecting of facts and the presentation of those facts will continue, until we receive assurance this pocket of what we are convinced is corruption, is dealt with.  Dealt with to the point that all dealing with the office where the corruption originated, can be sure that it has been rid of the offenders who perpetrated this wrong doing.  To quote Isaiah, "I have set my face like flint."