From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, December 13, 2013

What is it About Some People

Blue is a horse that my dad would describe as "ornery."

This is her most famous picture, she had been watching the grand-children swinging on this swing set...  It looked like so much fun to her!  So she jumped the fence one day right after they left, and gave it a try... it didn't go as planned.  What in the world would made an animal as large as her think she could swing on a swing set...  I mean I could see a monkey... even a dog maybe... but a horse???  

She has a mind of her own, and she "runs," as in bosses, that pasture.  All the other horses realize she is boss too.  She bows to no one, well no one but Randy.

On her latest adventure she pushed down the back fence and escaped to the neighbor's greener pasture, and it took a couple of hours, a couple of deputy sheriffs, a bucket of feed... which she ignored, Michael and Stephan, and lots of coaching to get her back home.  Once we had walked her down the highway, she wouldn't cross the cattle guard, so we had to go get boards and lay them out, finally about three hours into it, we got her back in the pasture.

Remember I said she bows to no one but Randy, well he got in from Baghdad last night, and this morning he went out to feed the horses.  No more had he gotten out the door, than Ross, the next door neighbor called and said she was down at his place again.  I went out on the porch to wave Randy up to where I was so I could tell him he needed to go get her.  Out of the corner of my eye while I was still talking on the phone to Ross, I see her tearing across the front lawn, run straight back to the tack barn where she had seen Randy from the neighbor's place.

I told Ross she was already home, hung up the phone, and watched as she greeted her friend, coach, and "boss."  She whinnied softly to him, nuzzled him, and otherwise demonstrated her joy at his being home.  He simply opened the gate, (she had once again somehow managed to get out of her halter,) and she trotted in... amazing... simply amazing.

I have always said Randy is the kind of leader who some would follow anywhere, guess that applies to animals as well.  I've got to admit, it made me a little jealous, after all I am here all the time.  I feed her, brush her, treat her wounds when she gets cut going over fences, and otherwise spoil her.  She just looks at me as though I have lost my mind when I try to get her to get with the program, and do what she knows she is supposed to do.  All that had to happen for that to be the case this morning, was for her to get a glimpse of Randy out by the tack barn, and she came rushing home.  Pretty awesome to watch actually.  What is it about that man?  I guess I will just start calling him the horse whisperer.  Animals are such
 an interesting blessing to mankind.