From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Great Page to Visit

A most beautiful and interesting page is on Facebook and you should make a visit there.  It is posted by a friend of mine from Afghanistan.  His name is Fahim Khairy, and he tells me the pictures are contributed by Afghans from all over his country.  There are pictures of the handsome people of this country, the landscape of the country, their industrious work, and wonderful pictures of the handsome children. I love the one of two little boys riding a donkey standing up.   I also enjoyed a video made of a typical day for one of Afghanistan's average citizens,  Fahim's Facebook page offers a look at this emerging nation which is a true reflection of the country.  Fahim titled the page appropriately "Afghanistan Mirror," and it can be found at the following link:

Fahim has also authored a book.  One the first things I learned from my friendship with Fahim is that a common eye color in Afghanistan is green.  The title of his book is Emerald Eyes Behind the Burqa.  You can read it by downloading it at Amazon. The following is the description of this compelling book listed on Amazon:

Emerald Eyes Behind the Burqa is a historical fiction novel by Fahim Khairy. The story provides a window into the struggles and deep sorrows of Afghan women and Afghan families which have been the result of a decade of constant war. The novel is narrated by a young high school female teacher, who tells the story of the dark pro-communist regime follow by the barbaric system spawned by the Taliban. Arezo seeks protection in a new world. She moves to Pakistan where she meets a young boy from Afghanistan, whose family is the victim of honor killing and sex slavery by the Taliban.

Mrs. Arezo fights for her survival on a lonely battlefield. She witnesses the shooting of her husband in front of her by the Taliban, escapes a marriage proposal by a Taliban commander and being kidnapped by a womanizer drug lord. The author, Fahim Khairy, puts real events into a fictional novel to tell the world what one young man has seen in his short life surviving in Afghanistan.
There are millions of horrible and unimaginable untold stories in Afghanistan. Telling the story of rape, honor killing, and other tragedies in Afghanistan brings shame to the teller according to Afghan custom. To keep the family name safe and its honor intact, the majority of Afghans remain silent about the atrocities they have endured, but Emerald Eyes Behind the Burqa unveils them with courage and honesty, and by doing so, provides a much-needed voice for the voiceless still living with their pain.

God has created so many amazing and talented people all over the world, there are places and people whose lives fascinate me.   Afghanistan has been at the forefront of  the news for over a decade, but the world really doesn't know Afghanistan  and her people yet.  Journalists from around the world have written about Afghanistan, photographers from around the world have photographed Afghanistan, but only as the writers, artists, photographers, and ordinary people of Afghanistan share their insights and work does the rest of the world really come to know the beauty of this nation and her people.