From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Friday, March 28, 2014

It Is My Privilege and Honor

It is my privilege and honor to call Canon Andrew White, known the world over simply as the Vicar of Baghdad one of my dearest personal friends.  He has caused in my heart a love for the people of Iraq which comes from the very heart of God Himself.  Brother Andrew has written several books, which are so moving and inspirational.  I have given copies of them to all those whom I love.  Today I posted this to Brother Andrew's Facebook page, because it has my thoughts about the three men I most admire in it.  If you haven't read Faith Under Fire, I highly recommend the book... His life is one of those lived above the common man.  It might very well change your life forever to read of how he is spending his. I believe very, very, few things have the real ability to change our lives in any way...  

Here is the post I made on Brother Andrew's wall:

Brother Andrew, my dad and Randy are tied for being the best men I have ever known...(you are a very close second place,) and I have made gifts to my dad of all your books. He is going to be 86 this fall. He and his "older" friend who is 89 recently handed out Gideon Bibles at a festival that is held in my hometown every year. My dad has been a Gideon for over 40 years. He and his friend handed out 1800 Bibles over 3 days. He called me today to tell me he read your book again Faith Under Fire. I laughed when he told me that the good thing about being 85 is that you can read a good book, (he still reads about one book a week,) and then about a year later read it again, and it is brand new all over. He said it made him wish to be a young man again and to come and help you, and that it stirred his heart in love for a people and a church he has never seen. He has a prayer list, and he takes our grand-children to school everyday, and picks them up every afternoon, (he still drives,) and he always arrives an hour early each afternoon and sits in front of the school, so that he can pray and read his Bible. He has added you and the Christians of Iraq to a written prayer list he maintains... as we say in West Texas, Brother Andrew, you are in high cotton now! He is one of God's right hand men, and you have his full support and admiration. I am quite sure that his prayers that you would have every need met were instrumental in your getting your visa. Hurry home to your people, and keep an eye on that rascally husband of mine.  He likes to run with scissors, just like you!