From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, March 24, 2014

Barbie Doll Birthday!

It was a beautiful spring night, and we celebrated Carla's birthday on the porch with good food and playing with the "My size Barbies."  She was turning twelve, and one last birthday playing with dolls was in order.  I love watching little girls play dolls!  What a lovely time with a sweet little family!

This was the first trip the family had made to Soldier's Heart Ranch.  Michael, the father had worked at BAE Systems where the MRAP was made in Sealy, the MRAP is the large V shaped hulled vehicle which saved so many lives in Afghanistan.

Michael had also spent time living in Kuwait working on the maintenance of the vehicles, and this family knows of the stress of separation during a war. The car was first unloaded and good food and the birthday cake was set aside for enjoying later.  As with all children on their first visit to the ranch, the fun was first!  I had met mom at a local restaurant, and we fast became friends.  As I told her of the ranch where we live, she asked about having her daughter's birthday with us, and of course we were happy and honored to host this small party at the ranch!  

Baby Nathan captured my heart immediately, and his sweet disposition kept him happy and content during the party.  Dad played with him while mom and I set out the chips and cheese Mexican dip, watermelon, grapes, and apple slices. Chilled Gator Aide for the children and bottle water for the adults kept the snack fare light and fresh. 


The miniature horses, horses, Donkey, the chickens and ducks, Rocket the goat, and the new baby bunnies were of course a great hit!



After exploring the cabins and the pond, dad and two of the girls spent time fishing a bit, but by far with the girls, it was the playing with the My Size Barbies which was the hit of the evening!  As always happens, the magical world of make believe and a child's imagination took over, and the majority of the evening was spent in the construction of roles and characters that the girls brought to life.  The clothing was changed and shared between the dolls, and they took on personalities which will always be remembered by the children from this evening of play.  So here for your enjoyment are the girls at play, celebrating Carla's twelfth birthday, and a final evening playing dolls... or is it a final evening of playing dolls?  Somehow, I've never had my final evening of playing dolls!