From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, March 22, 2014


"How can your willpower force be harnessed? I think it will be helpful for us to look at a somewhat comical illustration, which  includes a great lesson.  One of the most stubborn creatures known to mankind is the donkey.  If the animal does not want to move you can push it, pull it, hit it, seduce it with food, and even frighten it, but all to no avail, because you are failing to deal with the "chemistry" that makes the donkey stubborn.  So this is what you do, you reach down to the ground and take a handful of dirt and some small pebbles and force these inside the mouth and onto the gums of the animal.  This will irritate the donkey and make it so concerned about what is happening i its mouth that you can usually lead it wherever you want it to go.  So what is the lesson?  It is simply this: if you want to succeed when you are opposing someone with a will as strong as yours, you must find an irritating distraction and get their mind off the target, then make your move very quickly."

 Peter J. Daniels, Willpower the Integrity of the Soul

Of course I would never do that to my little donkey, she always does everything I ask!