From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What Makes You Squeal?

There are things in every person's DNA that cause them to squeal with joy and pleasure.  For some of you guys, it is hunting, guns, or sports.  Shopping does it for many women, and I am no exception, but a mall girl I will never be.  I don't follow the current decorating trends and fads of minimalism, and in fact, for my entire life my true preferred "style" hasn't changed, and it is one all my own.  When I have the time on vacation, or as we are traveling with Randy's or my work, I love to pick up things that make me squeal.  One of the places I love to shop most are those little one of a kind shops where the shop keeper has assembled a collection of things he or she is passionate about.  Then they spend their lives offering to the rest of us the chance to benefit from their efforts concerning that which makes them squeal.  I came across such a shop in Jackson Square filled with one of my favorite things...lace...


When I first wandered past Rendezvous in the French Quarter in New Orleans, I knew before I could even look in the window that the shop held things so unique and special!  I could have spent days in that little shop.  Exquisite lace filled every square inch and I was in paradise!  The shop keeper asked me how I had heard of the shop, and I told him I dreamed it was there...

So here for your enjoyment is a little tour of Kishin Mirpuri's beautiful shop, Rendezvous, and his outstanding collection of linens and lace.  You can find it at 522 Peters Street in the French Quarter, just down from the church on Jackson Square.  You will not be able to experience the richness of visiting his shop from my blog however, the smells, the textures, the blend of antique woods, soft linen fabrics, the rose murals, and the music playing can only be yours in person. Even if you don't buy anything, you will love the experience of wandering up and down the aisle, and don't miss the bargain table, the things there are just as exquisite as everything else in the shop, and you will find something within your budget, no matter what it is!  Tomorrow I will post pictures of my own rose bedroom before the purchases I made at Rendezvous were added, and pictures with the linen and lace additions in place.  The additions add such a finishing touch to the room, and transform the level of the personality and uniqueness of this humble little retreat.

The shop also inspired me to plan and execute the addition of some rose murals high in the corners, and as I paint these, I will post pictures of the work.  Don't forget, our own passion and life's work for the military, our little bed and breakfast, Soldier's Heart Ranch is also best experienced in person.  Our hospitality cannot be matched.  The greatest squeal factor for me is achieved by enjoying the people that God brings our way to share our own passions and interests with, and the love that God has placed in our hearts for those serving in the military, and of course, their very special families.   If you are active duty military, including current service in the Army National Guard or the Reserves, your stay is always free of charge, and the honor of serving you with our hospitality is ours.  The rest of our guests have the special added factor of knowing that their stay makes possible the the stay of our military and their exceptional families.  So, once again, look at the pictures, dream your own dream, and make plans to visit Rendezvous for a little squeal!
We look anxiously forward to your visit with us as well!