From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

You Know all Those Commercials That Claim to Promote a Life Changing Product, Phoey on That!

From Peter J. Daniels book, Willpower the Integrity of the Soul, "Being courageous is not a thought it is an act of the will and the body."
"I sincerely believe that we honor God and ourselves when we carry out our personal, mental, and verbal commitments.  But we strengthen the chains of dishonor when we refuse to take our commitment in a vice-like grip and demonstrate it to the world."

Peter J. Daniels is an 81 year old billionaire from Australia.  He was illiterate until 26 years of age, and I was privileged to attend a free series of lectures that was a part of his last trip to the U.S.  He is a great admirer of America, but has some misgivings about the direction of our country.  I bought two of his books, his autobiography, and the book dealing with willpower,  They are both brilliant and uplifting.

Here are more quotes that will cause you to think and consider the possibilities...

"Your willpower harnessed to your character will make the difference."

"Are you a wandering generality, or a meaningful specific?"

"Willpower must be developed in the secret corridors of the mind, where we find dreams, fantasies, hopes, opinions, and thoughts about how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.  It is here that our integrity dwells and it is here that our personal value system is developed.  Strangely enough, this reveals itself by our professed beliefs and the way we outlive the secret commitments we make to ourselves in terms of measurable results and time frames."

"Willpower is the indispensable companion of faith, and faith provides the spiritual and biblical foundation for willpower."