From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A New Song That I Think Will Become a Part of the Fiber of Our Country

Found something on facebook this morning that calls to my heart, it is testimony to the God I serve, and a tribute to the country I love.  It is powerful, brought me to tears as it's message hit my heart, and is something everyone should share with everyone.  Our nation is filled with artists who honor our country with their expressions of art.  Their artistry contributes to the good of mankind mankind.

Beautiful music in praise of God and our country is what you will hear at this site.  God bless the America cannot be spoken in prayer enough.    In times when there is so much out there which tears our country down, patriotic music continues to be written which is uplifting and filled with truth.  

When a "film," produced in this country, has brought so much destruction, violence, and death, I would point to the true nature of the artistic efforts of the people of our country.  Every country has citizens it is ashamed of, and every nation has citizens that bring it honor.  This citizen, Taunia L. Henry, has once again reminded me how  proud I am to be an American, despite there being citizens who bring dishonor to our country.  I find there are far more people who quietly go about their lives and live honorably in America, than those who shame us.  Again, God bless America, and her patriots! Taunia L. Henry is one of them!  I wonder if she is kin to Patrick Henry?

A Cry for Freedom

In the air there is "A Cry For Freedom"
From a nation born in Liberty
For there's A Battle that is waging for her children
That can only be won upon her knees.

America, envy of the nations
For long ago, you answered freedom's call!
If in God we trust, we shall stand in victory.
America, America, stay free!
(Last time: For this battle that is waging is only won upon our knees. America, America, stay free!)

In the heart there is a beat for freedom
From a soldier on that lonely distant shore.
He is willing to give his life in honor.
We must pray like we've never prayed before!

In the soul there is a shout for freedom
From a nation being burdened from within.
If we seek the Lord and follow, he will heal us.
And our country can be blessed once again!

(A Cry For Freedom written by Taunia L. Henry. ASCAP.
Copyright 2009 by Taunia L. Henry. All rights reserved.
This recording of A Cry For Freedom is sung by Heartland Quartet on the album, "Liberty" available at This album was produced for charity fundraising for various charity organizations such as Apostolic Christian World Relief, Christian Aid Ministries, Lifesong for Orphans and Shared Hope International.)