From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, September 1, 2012

History needs for Artists to Go to War, They Won't Let Me, I've Already Asked.

They are letting this guy, probably has to do with the Marine thing, and how good his work is.  He needs a little help raising the money to go, so as you help know you are preserving the record of this very long and difficult conflict.  You gift will be a part of "never forgetting."

His name is Rob Bates and I have been to his site.  He is one of those guys who has taken to heart, "once a Marine, always a Marine."  He is going to embed with the troops in Afghanistan, but must raise $5k to do so.  The National Museum of the Marine Corps obviously holds him in high esteem as several of his works are a part of this collection.  He is  a freelance artist/correspondant for WUNC, The War on American Public Media.

I know the reason from my soul that artists must go to war... we see things...  things that a camera has only a one in 10,000,000 or so chance to capture... Those things we see go to our heart and soul, and they must come out, we cannot rest until they do, because we know others see and feel them too.  God has not given to everyone the gift of "seeing deeply," and then somehow the ability or curse of being compelled  and capable of sharing "the seen" with others.
Below is the link to give if you can.  If you have the resources, I am sure God will bless your gift, and use it to preserve the record of all that has been given, by "the few, the proud, the Marines."