From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hundreds and Hundreds of Sparrows

My girl-friend Jacqui and I went to supper together tonight, and then on to an art show at the Holland Street Gallery in Bellville.  Bellville is the charming little town of about 4,000 where I live.  They have a square that is much the same as it was over a century ago.  Some buildings are even over two hundred years old.

The art work is first class in this little gallery.  I was just blown away by the artists who were displaying tonight.   Amazing work that reflected such talent.  The photos I took cannot  do the work justice.

 I was thinking about Baby Rose all during the evening, and I shared her story with several people talking about how the consensus had been she would be forgotten and lost in the system, and there was not much hope of a great outcome.  I talked with each person about the Bible verse I had used which speaks of two sparrows selling for a penny, and when one falls that God takes note.  That scripture goes on to say how much more valuable we are than two sparrows to God.  Despite how well received the story was by each person I spoke with, as I left the art show doubt was playing around in my mind.  Thoughts like, "what are you thinking, the world will not get behind one little baby."  Then, "this is just making you look foolish, and you don't need any help with that."

As I crossed the street and entered the Wells Fargo parking lot, I noticed people looking up and when I did too, hundreds and hundreds of sparrows filled the air.  They were collecting in tw0 of three trees, and the sounds of their chirping together were  really loud.  Many birds commonly collectively roost, but I have never heard of or observed it among sparrows, certainly not in Texas.  As more people exited the building, or arrived in the parking lot, their attention was immediately drawn to the strange bird behavior, and everyone commented as I photographed the birds, then took video.

For me the behavior was a perfectly clear message from God to "keep telling the world the story of Rose, I love her, and she is worth so much to me, more than thousands and thousands of sparrows."

Here is a very short clip from the video I made so you can get the picture of how many sparrows were crossing the sky and landing in two trees under which I had parked my truck to go to the art show.  I will never forget this phenomenon, or Rose, and the message she has brought to my heart.