From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stories... now Randy knows stories...

As my husband, Col(R) Randy LeCompte was growing up he lived in poverty.  His life however was rich with relationships, and one such relationship was with his Aunt Eva.  She was the wife of a Baptist minister, and she lived in Kentucky and ran a boarding house.  Every summer until he was old enough to stay by himself Randy was sent to stay with her as his mother was a single parent working to raise two children alone.  Randy has very fond memories of his stays every summer with this Aunt, especially of the summer when he was nine and in a Vacation Bible School at her church he made a profession of faith and the destiny of his life changed forever.

Summer time has come to an end, our own grand-children were visiting during the Fourth of July, we made sweet memories.

Like many of us growing up as baby boomers, Randy didn't have many toys, and so his play had to come from his own imagination.  Randy has always had a gifted mind, and his play revealed that even as a child.  While he stayed with his Aunt in the summer he had a little spiral notebook she had given him, and a pencil.  The boarding house had a railroad track that ran close by and whenever he heard a train coming he would grab the little notebook and pencil and race to the train crossing.  He would write down the numbers on the side of the train, and note the time that it was passing.  This note taking enabled him to figure out when each particular train passed through the town, and to make a schedule of the trains.

The last time he was on leave, as is our custom, we made our way over to Coushatte RV Park, when every last Saturday of the month except November and December, a little Blue Grass singing is held.  The performers are more than talented.  The last weekend of the month of October every year, a Blue Grass Festival is held, and groups from all over the country come for four days of wonderful music and fun.  You should come, you might see Randy and I, and you might hear The Wabash Cannonball.  The link just below will take you to a You Tube video of one of the best renditions of Wabash Cannonball I have ever heard...

Come and hear the great music coming in October at Coushatte RV Ranch.  Here's a link to there site: