From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Monday, September 17, 2012

I Like To See Credentials, Education, and Experience in the U.N.'s Diplomats

Well, personally I think Angie should stay home and take care of all those kids... that's what I did.  Not to mention, Americans who run around the Middle East giving out advice can impact my own life, and the lives of those innocent people of the Middle East.  Surely, those who make cheap and vile movies do, as we have seen with the unprecedented violence and anti-Americanism that is sweeping the Middle East since You Tube allowed the posting of that cheap and vile movie produced by a single disturbed American.  Individual Americans can effect the lives of so many, so great care should be given to each of our individual actions to first do no harm.

Angelina Jolie is traveling through the Mid East, especially those countries which border Syria, asking that nations will keep their borders open for refugees.  One of the first things that comes to my mind is, well since she is a person of such wealth, and the citizens of these countries live in such poverty, and their countries do not have unlimited resources, perhaps she should pitch in some of her own wealth to support the care and feeding of those fleeing Syria.

I feel compelled as well to point out the security risk that arises when a country opens its' borders as the oppressed of one nation spill into the next.  Terrorists are likely to move across with them, and begin subversion activities in that nation as well.  Care must be taken not to un-stabilize countries which have at least some security.

Angie stated:
"The most important thing is cooperation from the countries on the (Syrian) border ... and to make sure these borders in all countries stay open," Jolie told Australian Herald Sun reporters at the Domiz refugee camp.
"I've been of course very encouraged to be here and hear the government speak of continuing this wonderful, life-saving open border policy." 

I would beg to differ Angie... and I hate to point it out, but the life style you have lived isn't necessarily one that is greatly admired in the Middle East, whether you are a "movie star" or not.  In light of the current reputation of the film making industry in the United States, you should take great care in what you say and do...  That is coming from a person who has a dog in this hunt.