From the Ranch

From the Ranch

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Volunteer to Ask Questions at the Presidential Debates

I would like to be one of those citizens who asks questions at the Presidential debates... and mine would not be about the economy.  First things first, if our country is not secure... the economy won't matter at all until it is. I have noted that the good guys in Iraq, those who are attempting to hold the liberty gained at such a great cost, are falling daily.  There isAobviously a concerted effort to bring down the good guys.  See this link for the latest murders today:

In light of what has gone wrong in Iraq and why,  (see this link:)

we need to look closely at each of these crimes, and make sure our intelligence sources know exactly who is perpetrating them.

The possibilities that I am aware of are:

1.  Sectarian insurgents

2.  Syrians

3.  Iranians

4.  Al Qaeda, ( who has bragged they are going on the offensive.)

5. All of the above

Then the question is how does that intel affect the following:

1. How does it impact the citizens of Iraq, whose country twice now we have invaded in my lifetime.  Moral courage is needed here.

2. How does it impact the rest of the Middle East.

3.  How does it impact the average American citizen.

4.  How does it affect the citizens of those countries who joined us in the Coalition Forces?

5.  I believed in the stated reason we went to Iraq.  We went to crush Al Qaeda operations in Iraq and secure weapons of mass destruction, which I firmly believe were there, and are now in Syria.  We do not seem to have taken care of business, as Al Qaeda is now bragging we "ain't seen nothing yet."
6.  How does it affect our sons and daughters, who in good faith left their blood in the soil of Iraq?

7.  How does it affects the families of those who never came home?

Reckon they will let me be one of your average Americans asking the candidates probing questions?
It is my theory that just picking up your toys and going home exacts a new and higher price every time.